Facing problems in cleaning your solar panels?

Sparsh cleaner is an automatic solar panel cleaning robot designed for all types of solar power plants.

Are you not satisfied with the efficiency of your Solar Panels

Our mission is to keep innovating solutions in the green energy sector by making processes automatic

Looking for an easy automated solar panel cleaning solution?

Brightmatics produces solar panel cleaners that aid in cleaning of solar panels automatically.

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Why Us?

Self operating

One time setup required for setting the schedule for automatic cleaning. That's it!

Water savings

One time setup required for setting the schedule for automatic cleaning. That's it!

Money savings

Greater power generation yields profit and less cost towards maintenance.

Increases efficiency

Clean solar panels offers maximum power generation efficiency.



Fully Automatic

The automatic variant has a timer to aid the entire cleaning process be done and repeat itself over to completely optimise the efficiency of solar panels. 

Semi Automatic

The semi-automatic variant needs to be switched on and off manually in order to clean panels when required. 


Manually Controlled

The manual is a non-electric variant necessitates one to manually move the cleaner over the solar panels. Although manual, the end result of all three solar panels cleaners is equally clean panels.

What we have achieved?

“Brightmatics” as a young business entity has always been interested and keen to work on projects that provide automatic solutions to such problems in the domain of green energy.

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commercial installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Questions?

Considering the weather and dust pollution in your area, the frequency of cleaning the solar panels may vary.

Considering the width of the row, 1 liter/foot water is consumed in a minute.

SPARSH cleaner travels and cleans the solar panels at the speed of 6 – 8 meters per minute.

Manual cleaning may consume a lot of time and requires more water as compared to automated cleaning system. Sometimes, the structure of solar plant creates hazardous situation for human cleaning due to excessive height or other civil parameters. Brightmatics cleaner can be both time and water saving which makes a very effective and hassle free O&M (Operation & Maintenance) for your solar power plant.

No, our automatic Solar panel cleaner is an advanced machinery which requires only one time setup for programming it for daily or selected days of the week for cleaning on set time. Later, it will take care of the rest and needs no human monitoring then after.

Installation of the machine is permanent.

Our Solar Panel Cleaners require NO extra rail for travelling on the solar panel surface.

Our Solar Panel cleaner comes with extra pair of channels which can be clamped on the sides of the existing solar panel structure. So the cleaner will rest outside the solar panel structure causing no shadow of its own on solar panels.

Our Solar Panel Cleaner is a custom machinery and is made as per site dimensions and can only be installed on SQUARE or RECTANGULAR shaped structures.

A water outlet and power outlet within proximity are mandatory for installation of our Solar panel cleaners.